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Purposes and Objectives

1992 established from a Swiss initiative, the International Rosetti Society (IRG) made it its purpose to make generally known again the music of Antonio Rosetti (1750-1792) through the promotion of concert and CD performances as well as publications.

The IRG stands under the protection of His Highness Prince zu Oettingen-Wallerstein. It numbers at this time ca. 190 members from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, Venezuela, the United States, and Japan. Included among its membership are musicians and musicologists, journalists, librarians, instrument builders, and those who simply share a general interest in Rosetti and his music.

In recent years the IRG has contributed both artistically and organizationally to numerous concert performances in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the Czech Republic. Since 2000, an annual event has been the ROSETTI-FESTTAGE in the Ries..

In past years numerous CD releases on labels such as Arte Nova, Koch-Schwann, MDG, Naxos, RBM, tacet and Teldec have been produced with the support of the IRG. Currently available Rosetti CDs are listed under Music Editions – CDs – Bibliography.

Since May 2000 the IRG has published the journal Rosetti-Forum, which documents the current state of research and provides information about items of current interest (concert venues, new books, CDs and musical editions). The table of contents for those volumes that have already appeared is found under Publications.

Since November 2001, supported by the administrative council of the Swiss province of Aargau, the IRG has published through Amadeus in Winterthur the works of Rosetti in practical editions. A list of those issues that have already appeared is found under Publications.

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